Canadian Health&Care Mall Overview on Potency and Age

a coupleAccording to medical statistics, more than 50% of the male population in the age range from 40 to 70 face potency problems.

Some studies show that from birth every man is endowed with enormous spare capacity that would allow him to satisfy up to 15 women. This is called a 15-fold reserve. And this reserve helped our ancestors not only survive in the wild and cruel world, but also reproduce their generation.

A modern man, as a rule, uses this reserve up to the end in the youth, and at 50 he is ready to accept the age impotence. But are we talking about impotence in this case?

The body, of course, is getting older – the cells do not grow as strongly as before, production of sex hormones is reduced, and all this can not but affect the general sexuality.

But the desire to have a woman has not gone! And if there are less abilities to implement them, it does not mean that you have become impotent.

Why does man’s strength decreases with age? Does age influence the potency?

Erectile Dysfunction and DepressionIrregular sexual life, especially after 30, can affect the age of impotence. The penis, like other organs, has to be active – constantly train. It is proved that a regular relationship with a woman improves sperm quality and increases the quantity of sperm, while retaining the potency at the proper level.

Once transferred or not fully cured diseases. This may be as purely male diseases (prostatitis, urethritis, orchitis, vesicles, orchiepididymitis) and infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Potency is also affected by chronic diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease. And while modern medicine can “bring up” the majority of patients, the effects of the disease remain.

Changing of testosterone pattern. The level of testosterone in men is reduced by about 1% each year. However, the analysis statistics show that by 30 some men have the level 33 units, while others – no more than 17, although reduced in the same way. That is why there is such a difference, some live a full sexual life in 65, and the others have problems in bed in 35-40.

The costs of an unhealthy lifestyle: the abuse of beer and strong alcohol, physical inactivity, smoking, incorrectly balanced diet, lack of adequate physical activity. Hence – the problems with blood vessels, provoking circulatory disorders and, as a result, the deterioration of the normal blood supply to the penis.

Certain medications. Unfortunately, doctors still do not know how to operate complexly. A cardiologist may prescribe a medicine that reduces the pressure, forgetting to say that it may affect potency. The patient is upset and goes to the urologist.

He does not suspect anything, examines his part, does not find a problem and sends the patient on to a psychiatrist or neurologist. As a result, the patient has a long list of drugs that treat one and destroy the other.

What should men do to increase potency?

  • Refer to a specialist.mature man Alas, only one in 10 goes the doctor with his problems. Rest or men simply take this problem for granted and resign themselves to the lack of sexual activity, or buy “wrong” tablets without consultation and medical advice, thus destroying their body;
  • But the causes of the problems with potency may vary, and only a doctor is able to establish the true reason and prescribe the correct treatment. It is better to go through a complete examination and visit all the doctors. This is the first thing to start treatment for erectile dysfunction with;
  • Take care of your physical form. This way offers especially many opportunities to potency increase: these are specially selected by the doctor exercises and some yoga practice and daily workouts that improve the potency;
  • Balance your diet. Create a list of products (recommended and undesirable) will the help of a specialist. But do not neglect well-known folk remedies. For example, some fruits, vegetables and foods that have aphrodisiac properties (a plenty of vitamins of groups A, B and E) can have a striking effect;
  • Among them: walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, prunes, honey, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, many others. And, as opposed to products that increase potency, it is necessary to abandon the products that decrease libido. These are coffee, almost all types of energy drinks (including soda), starchy foods, white flour products (pasta, dumplings and pastries).

cialisMedications such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis (ie, designed for a natural increase of potency) should be selected only with your doctor, but maybe only they can help to defeat age male impotence.

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