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Enemies of Erection

Twenty most harmful to erection of food and habits – things that need to be bypassed to preserve strength of spirit as long as possible.

Effect of Foods on Potency

Many of usual foods that we eat every day can very negatively affect potency and sexual libido. The reason is often simple – large number of different «chemistry» in composition of almost any food product.

Harmful habits also have negative effect primarily on quality of erection. Smoking, for example, disrupts operation of blood vessels, including vessels of penis. And beer, according to some experts, reduces level of production of male hormones.

Bad Habits and Erectile Dysfunction

Along with stress, bad habits are the main causes of problems with potency (erectile dysfunction) in men. Let’s will analyze the most popular of them: smoking, addiction to alcohol, masturbation.


Scientists have long used the term «nicotine impotence» in everyday life. In process of smoking, people inhale products of combustion and then instead of oxygen into lungs comes carbon monoxide. Lack of oxygen leads to slow destruction of walls of vessels. As a result, walls of blood vessels of penis of the smoker are clogged, then much less blood flows to penis.

Erectile Dysfunction at Young Age

Impotence is also called erectile dysfunction, and it is inability to achieve erection or inability to maintain it during the entire sexual intercourse. Note that this is not a one-time failure. You should be worried when such «misfires» happen regularly.

To determine at what age impotence is considered to be early, is difficult, because a man should maintain potency always, regardless of age. But this is an ideal option, which in practice, unfortunately, is rare.

It is believed that early erectile dysfunction should be considered when this problem began to worry a man at the age of 35 years. It is this period, as a rule, during which the most active sexual life appears.

Interestingly, with impotence at early age, morning erection may persist, and even masturbation is possible. But you can not lead full sexual life.

Potency is the Basis of the Male Confidence

Men’s confidence – how is it formed? It forms from the factors such as money, physical strength, position in a society, a successful career. But no one would argue with the fact that a major determinant of men’s confidence is a success in the sexual life. In a simple word, if a man is on the level in sex, he becomes confident, and to some extent successful in all other spheres of life. Therefore, it is extremely important for a man to always be “on a horse.” But unfortunately, no everyone can protect himself from sexual disorders. Nothing lasts forever, and the potency too. Let’s learn more about potency together with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

What is potency?

couple3First of all, you should understand what potency is. Translated from the Latin (“potentia”) this word means “an ability to act”. In general sense, potency is commonly understood as the ability of men to conduct a qualitative sexual intercourse, sexual satisfaction of women and conception of a child.

Potency consists of several components:

  • sexual desire (or sexual energy);
  • normal erection;
  • qualitative completion of a sexual intercourse (ejaculation and duration of the erection recovery after intercourse).

If these figures are “on the level”, we can talk about the ideal potency. But not all men can boast the presence of all these three components. In a particular age men have different difficulties: if a 20 years old man feels hypersexual, we can not say for sure that he keeps an interest in the female sex by 35, and sex in general, and vice versa.

How to increase potency?

man50Many men are constantly concerned with the questions: how to increase the potency? What method is better? Are there any stimulants of potency? You will not find the unequivocal answer to these questions about the potency. There is a great number of factors affecting potency increase. Try to follow certain regulations.

  • An excellent stimulant of potency is stable sexual life of men. The sexual male organ should always be active. Regular sex improves potency and affects the quality and quantity of sperm;
  • Proper nutrition also plays a big role in potency maintaince. A man should receive a certain set of vitamins on a daily basis in order to increase the potency. Products that improve the potency should contain phosphorus (milk, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, brown rice, eggs, garlic, crab, beef, lamb, mushrooms, raisins.); zinc (zinc is recommended to take daily in the form of pills, the richest zinc product are fresh oysters, but they are quite rare and expensive, and tablets can be bought at any drugstore); Vitamin E (bread made from whole wheat and bran, cereals, nuts, soy beans.);
  • Alcohol may increase the potency as well as contribute to its reduction. All depends on the dose. The allowable rate per day is a glass of wine, a bottle of beer. The main thing is not to exceed the dosage;
  • The problem of overweight affects the increase of potency. It is necessary to monitor your kilograms and, if necessary, to start treatment;
  • The nervous strain and stress are not your allies in issues of potency. Men need to learn to overcome and deal with such ailments. Sports can help you in this greatly;
  • Healthy sleep is a guarantee oа good potency. The constant lack of sleep affects not only potency, but also general health condition. When a man wants to sleep, he can’t even think about sex.

If you fail to follow all these rules and potency problems continue to attack the brain of a man, you can refer to tablets. Perhaps it’s the easiest and safest way. Tablets are taken few hours before the sexual act and operate from 4 to 36 hours, depending on the medication type. You may choose Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Viagra Soft, Cialis Soft or other drugs in the online pharmacy Canadian Health&Care Mall. Spare you time and money!

Canadian Health&Care Mall Overview on Potency and Age

a coupleAccording to medical statistics, more than 50% of the male population in the age range from 40 to 70 face potency problems.

Some studies show that from birth every man is endowed with enormous spare capacity that would allow him to satisfy up to 15 women. This is called a 15-fold reserve. And this reserve helped our ancestors not only survive in the wild and cruel world, but also reproduce their generation.

A modern man, as a rule, uses this reserve up to the end in the youth, and at 50 he is ready to accept the age impotence. But are we talking about impotence in this case?

The body, of course, is getting older – the cells do not grow as strongly as before, production of sex hormones is reduced, and all this can not but affect the general sexuality.

But the desire to have a woman has not gone! And if there are less abilities to implement them, it does not mean that you have become impotent.

Why does man’s strength decreases with age? Does age influence the potency?

Erectile Dysfunction and DepressionIrregular sexual life, especially after 30, can affect the age of impotence. The penis, like other organs, has to be active – constantly train. It is proved that a regular relationship with a woman improves sperm quality and increases the quantity of sperm, while retaining the potency at the proper level.

Once transferred or not fully cured diseases. This may be as purely male diseases (prostatitis, urethritis, orchitis, vesicles, orchiepididymitis) and infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Potency is also affected by chronic diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease. And while modern medicine can “bring up” the majority of patients, the effects of the disease remain.

Changing of testosterone pattern. The level of testosterone in men is reduced by about 1% each year. However, the analysis statistics show that by 30 some men have the level 33 units, while others – no more than 17, although reduced in the same way. That is why there is such a difference, some live a full sexual life in 65, and the others have problems in bed in 35-40.

The costs of an unhealthy lifestyle: the abuse of beer and strong alcohol, physical inactivity, smoking, incorrectly balanced diet, lack of adequate physical activity. Hence – the problems with blood vessels, provoking circulatory disorders and, as a result, the deterioration of the normal blood supply to the penis.

Certain medications. Unfortunately, doctors still do not know how to operate complexly. A cardiologist may prescribe a medicine that reduces the pressure, forgetting to say that it may affect potency. The patient is upset and goes to the urologist.

He does not suspect anything, examines his part, does not find a problem and sends the patient on to a psychiatrist or neurologist. As a result, the patient has a long list of drugs that treat one and destroy the other.

What should men do to increase potency?

  • Refer to a specialist.mature man Alas, only one in 10 goes the doctor with his problems. Rest or men simply take this problem for granted and resign themselves to the lack of sexual activity, or buy “wrong” tablets without consultation and medical advice, thus destroying their body;
  • But the causes of the problems with potency may vary, and only a doctor is able to establish the true reason and prescribe the correct treatment. It is better to go through a complete examination and visit all the doctors. This is the first thing to start treatment for erectile dysfunction with;
  • Take care of your physical form. This way offers especially many opportunities to potency increase: these are specially selected by the doctor exercises and some yoga practice and daily workouts that improve the potency;
  • Balance your diet. Create a list of products (recommended and undesirable) will the help of a specialist. But do not neglect well-known folk remedies. For example, some fruits, vegetables and foods that have aphrodisiac properties (a plenty of vitamins of groups A, B and E) can have a striking effect;
  • Among them: walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, prunes, honey, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, many others. And, as opposed to products that increase potency, it is necessary to abandon the products that decrease libido. These are coffee, almost all types of energy drinks (including soda), starchy foods, white flour products (pasta, dumplings and pastries).

cialisMedications such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis (ie, designed for a natural increase of potency) should be selected only with your doctor, but maybe only they can help to defeat age male impotence.

Change your life, order something that really helps fight potency problems! In the digital age there is nothing easier than to make a purchase via the Internet!
If you are interested in buying such products at the reasonable price and want to try a miracle pill of Cialis, Levitra, Viagra – do it right now! We have chosen the right pharmacy for you, meet Canadian Health&Care Mall – an online pharmacy that is always there for you!

What ED Patients Need to Know about Generic Tadalafil Canada

Tadalafil is the tablet that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is sold as a generic and as a branded medication online at Canadian Health&Care Mall. 20mg of tadalafil stimulates the smooth muscles of penis. This medication causes inhibition of the enzyme called phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5), hence preventing cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) destruction which helps in relaxing the muscles. Relaxation of the muscles is what causes increased blood flow to the muscles of the penis. As a result, the penis maintains a strong and longer lasting erection suitable for sexual stimulation.

Generic tadalafil Canada tablets are almond shaped with a color of light orange. The packaging of the tablets is available in 4piece blisters and then blisters contained in cardboard box. The active ingredient of the drug is 20mg. 1 tadalafil tablet of 20mg is ingested with a glass of water. Improvement of the erection of the penis usually occurs about 15 to 20 minutes after taking the drug and can last up to 36 hours. The pills are not soluble in water.

In order to gain the most from taking the medication, there are contraindications to be considered. It is contraindicated for people that are under medications that contain nitrates that are used for angina pectoris treatment. Nitrates are usually contained in creams, candy, sprays and blisters in the form of nitroglycerin. Other drugs containing nitrates that should not be used together with tadalafil medication include drugs containing isosorbide dinitrate and isosorbide mononitrate.


Combining nitrate drugs together with tadalafil medication can result to several issues including:

  • Acute loss of blood pressure
  • Possible heart attack
  • Stroke
  • May also cause death

It is therefore recommended to seek advice from a doctor or a pharmacist to determine whether the type of nitrate medication can blend together with tadalafil. Other types of drugs that are contraindicated with tadalafil include alpha-blockers. Alpha blockers are drugs prescribed to those people suffering from prostate adenoma and high blood pressure. Should by any chance generic tadalafil Canada tablets combine well with alpha-blockers, then the resulting effects would be dizziness, blood pressure decrease and general weakness.

It’s important to note that increasing the dosage beyond what’s recommended by a doctor without their consent can be really dangerous. Persons with ED are also not recommended to take this drug being informed about the risk for one’s organism in cases of hypersensitivity or allergy. It’s also important to notify a doctor if a person is suffering from any of these diseases:

  • Kidney diseases
  • Heart disease
  • Vision impairment
  • Heart attack, seizure arrhythmia and stroke
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Priapism cases
  • Leukemia
  • Penis distortion
  • Hypertension
  • Allergy

Good erectionGeneric tadalafil Canada usually has a minimum level of side effects as compared to other ED medications. The responses however are different for different people, but generally the side effects are short-lived and decreases with continued use of a prescribed medication.

The pill has been highly described as very effective on most men. A man only needs a single pill to maintain an appropriate erection for the whole weekend hence considered as the best drug for ED. It is important to note that use of generic tadalafil cannot protect one from contracting STD’s, HIV or pregnancy. Use of the drug together with a protection will therefore be a necessity.

Myths of Erectile Dysfunction Expressed by Canadian Pharmacy Mall

Since time immemorial, men have suffered from erectile dysfunction due to one reason or another. Before proceeding any further, it is important for you to understand what ED is. ED is a condition that causes men not to have an erection during sexual intercourse. Now, there are a lot of people who have misconceptions about the topic. The purpose of this article is to address some of the myths that surround ED.

The different myths and facts of ED

Myth 1; ED is a condition for men of a certain age

Well, it is true that older men are more susceptible to the condition. However, this does not mean that younger men can’t get the condition. There are different causes of ED and age has nothing to do with it. It is therefore important for you to understand the different causes of the condition for you to be able to address it perfectly.

Myth 2; if you have challenges getting an erection, you are not attracted to your partner

Not attractive partner for sexual intercourseAlthough sexual attraction plays a role in determining the sexual mood, it is not the main cause of erectile dysfunction. There are many different causes of ED that you need to be aware. Before you can rule the cause to be lack of sexual attraction, it is important for you to evaluate yourself to find out the realm cause. Some of the causes of ED include; hormonal imbalance, emotional problems, heart problems, diabetes, lifestyle habits and many more.

There are many different tools that you can use to get more information of the matter including contacting the Canadian Pharmacy Mall You will get all the information that you need on the matter.

Myth 3; ED is a natural part of aging

Yes, it has been reported that at least 40 percent of the men experience this condition in their lives. However, this doesn’t mean the condition is inevitable. No, you don’t have to live with it. There are many different solutions that you can use to treat the conditions. It is therefore important for you to speak to a health care provider about the condition.

Myth 4; once you get the condition you can’t reverse it

ED is not a permanent condition that you can’t reverse the impact. There are many different treatments that you can take advantage of to rectify the problem. Not all the treatments that have been developed are suitable for you. You need to therefore contact Canadian Pharmacy Mall or a doctor for more information on the different treatments.

Myth 5; you will take the pills for the rest of your life

There are many different options that you can choose from when it comes to the treatments. The medications are quite beneficial and they can help alleviate the condition. If the ED is caused by an underlying medical condition like diabetes, addressing the condition will help solve the erectile problems.

The one challenge that men face when it comes to ED is lack of communication. Most of the men tend to be uncomfortable when it comes to talking about the condition. But, it is quite important to discuss the issue with your partner and the medical professionals.

Airway Management in Critical Illness: Extubation of the Difficult Airway

airway exchange catheterExtubation of the patient with a known difficult airway requires some planning should respiratory failure and the need for reintubation arise. Besides routine extubation criteria, the cuff leak test has been advocated as a tool for predicting postextuba-tion respiratory stridor. However, the data on the utility of this test appear equivocal. While some authors have suggested that the cuff leak test might be a useful index of clinically significant laryngotracheal narrowing, others have not been able to confirm this association. In a more recent study using real-time laryngeal ultrasonography, Ding et al were able to demonstrate a significant relationship between the air column width during cuff deflation and the development of postextubation stridor. These data have been confirmed by a second recent, prospective randomized trial in 128 medical and surgical ICU patients. In this study, a reduced cuff leak volume, defined as < 24% of tidal volume, was a reliable indicator for identifying patients with a high risk for developing stridor. Furthermore, Jaber et al were able to show that in patients who are at risk (eg, traumatic intubation, prolonged intubation, or previous accidental intubation) a leak volume of < 130 mL or 12% of the tidal volume has a sensitivity of 85% and a specificity of 95% for the development of postextubation stridor.

Airway Management in Critical Illness: Rescue Strategies

esophageal obturator airwayShould initial attempts at endotracheal intubation fail, an alternative strategy for providing ventilation to the patient, and ultimately for securing the airway, must be in place. The implementation of the ASA DAA in the critical care setting is logical and, according to one analysis, may have decreased the number of failed airways in the ICU environment. Since this airway algorithm was originally developed as a tool for anesthesia providers in the operating room, some minor adaptations for the ICU setting should be considered (Fig 2). While assessments of the likelihood of successful intubation and the clinical impact of basic management problems remain the same, critically ill patients in respiratory failure will almost certainly have less tolerance for periods of apnea than patients with unanticipated difficult airways in the operating room. The return to spontaneous ventilation is an important exit strategy for intubation in the operating room during elective surgery. In the ICU, this is often impossible due to mechanical failure and the limited physiologic reserves of the patient. Strategies for airway management in the emergency pathway of the ASA DAA include alternative means to provide ventilation (eg, the LMA-Fasttrach described in the previous section, as well as the Combitube; Tyco-Healthcare-Kendall USA; Mansfield, MA).

What Canadian Health&Care Mall says about Low Testosterone issue and the replacement therapy

Well, it’s not something to worry about if you are already of age beyond 30 years. The decline in the hormone level usually begins at around that age. Canadian Pharmacy Mall says that other possible causes of lower testosterone level can be as follows.

  • Chronic illness
  • Abdominal obesity
  • Kidney failure
  • Inflammation of the lungs
  • Pituitary gland dysfunction
  • Klinefelter’s Syndrome, which is a genetic abnormality
  • Excessive iron in the body
  • Alcohol
  • Cirrhosis
  • Chemotherapy for cancer
  • Physical damage

How do you recognize the issue of Low Testosterone?

Since, testosterone is the major male hormone responsible for sex drive and reproduction, a number of symptoms may occur, such as, losing the sex drive, hard time concentrating, not feeling well, depression and erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone

Affects of low testosterone on the body

  • It is noticed that people with low testosterone usually experience a symptom referred to as ‘Fragile bones’. Bones become soft and are prone to breaking.
  • Testosterone deficiency may also bring changes in cholesterol levels
  • Loss of body hair
  • Muscle mass may drop accompanied by increased body fat
  • Lipid level is affected
  • Mild anaemia may occur with decrease in haemoglobin

Diagnosis of Testosterone Deficiency

The most direct and accurate way to detect the deficiency of this hormone is to get a doctor check the amount of testosterone, present in your blood. Now, since testosterone level isn’t stable but keeps fluctuating the whole day, it is mandatory that a number of measurements be done for the accurate diagnosis. Testosterone levels are highest in the morning and therefore Doctors often advice a check-up early in the morning.

Treatment for Low Testosterone Issue

It can be treated by:

  1. Subcutaneous pellet is an affective cure for the problem
  2. You may buy Testosterone gels to apply inside the nose or on the skin surface
  3. Intramuscular injections
  4. Deodorant like testosterone stick
  5. Material to be applied above the teeth, daily.


It is important to also consider the side-effects or disadvantages of each one of these hormone replacement methods

Although testosterone replacement therapy is safe, but Canadian Health&Care Mall would like to add that some side-effects may be attached to each method

  • Oily skin or acne trouble
  • Decrease in the testicle size
  • Mood swings
  • Aggression
  • Occurrence of breast enlargement
  • Mild fluid retention problem
  • Stimulation of prostate can cause some urination related symptoms like decreased stream or change in frequency
  • Hormone replacement in rare case may involve risk of blood clots, prostate cancer or even heart attack
  • Sleeping sickness

Erectile Dysfunction due to testosterone deficiency

About ED, Canadian Health&Care Mall states that it may or may not be related to testosterone deficiency, but there are some core diseases linking the two problems. Type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart diseases are counted among those leading to ED and testosterone deficiency. For the victims of ED, drugs which restore blood flow to the penis should be first remedy instead of testosterone replacement therapy. Well, having said that, it is also observed that men with low Testosterone often find that the drugs for ED like Viagra, Stendra etc are less effective in treating the ED issue. In that case Testosterone replacement therapy may be suggested as a solution. Testosterone replacement is undoubtedly very effective in improving a men’s sex life by bringing back the sex drive and restoring libido.

Have a look at for more details.