We will suggest you the capability to become more than Qualified, WE WILL HELP YOU TO BECOME PROSPEROUS!. We are acknowledged and accredited within the industry and follow to one of the first aim of SAQA which is to design an upgraded framework for studying accomplishment. Our accreditation number is 613/P/000118/2008.

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Our National Certificate in Health & Fitness provides one solution:

We grant one function with a modern coaching program and qualification. The class is far-flung inclusively of all the foundations, personal coaching, spinning, pilates/yoga and group state programs such as step/aerobics, ball and bands. All the coaching programs:

  • Grant a scheduled complex of studying results which has an identified purpose or purposes and which is directed to supply qualifying learners with practiced professional integrity and a foundation for further studying.
  • Supplement essential worth to the qualifying learner in order of enrichment of person, provision of status, recognition, credentials and licensing, improvement of performance and employability, granting of access routes to supplementary education and coaching.
  • Comply with the objectives of the NQF including the enhancement of learner access, mobility and progression, and provision of quality education and training.
  • Have both specific and critical cross-field outcomes that promote lifelong learning.
  • Internationally comparable where applicable.

The ground of this program is to provide our learners so that the qualifying learner will be capable to create and apply a physical activity programme for apparently healthy people or groups, plus sort estimatin and control health related fitness programmes, without direct observation.  Motivate and supply with secure and efficient physical activity participation to satisfy participant/s fitness obligations.  Additionally, this qualifying learner will have the knowledge for corresponding referral to other caregivers including Canadian Health&Care Mall.

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Career Opportunities:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Group Trainer (eg, Aerobics instructor)

Fitness has become a earnest, respected career choice and is rapidly admited as profession. Innovative fitness establishments appriciate a well-surrounded, well-skilled employee. It has become a widespread brand for fitness specialists to cross-over and operate in both the individual and group fitness spheres. Choose the best of both worlds. Work as Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Scan and test customers, create individualized wellness programmes, educate exercise-to-music courses and design, sell and arrange your own fitness business.

Before you enrol:

You will have been encapsulated by the Head Facilitator on the make-up of the class, study approach, course obligation and the obligatory paperwork you will demand to finish. Principal among these is preseving to be sure that the students are granted all of the obigatory, correct and modern information about the obligation, estimations etc for the class they are undergoing.

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