General Information

Qualification: National Certificate: Health and Fitness Accredited Course
Purpose of the course:
  • Practice as a qualified Personal Trainer
  • Practice as a Group Training Specialist
Coure Duration: 12 Months
(Below diagram intended as a guide only)Coure Duration
Entry requirement: It is estimated that a student desiring to record for a INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF KINESIS  class will have NQF Level 4 or the equivalent thereof. This means that the student will possess a Senior Certificate (Matric) or equivalent qualification.

Only students under the age of 25 are inquired to possess a Senior Certificate. Students who are 25 years of age or older are not inquired to possess a Senior Certificate (Matric), but it is still strongly advised.

It is estimated that a learner recorded for a INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF KINESIS  classes will exhibit professional integrity in intercommunication and numeracy equivalent to NQF level 4. This implies that the minimum obligation in this instance would be that the student can scan and write fluently in English at NQF 4 (Matric) level and also be capable to perform mathematical calculations (e.g.  percentages, formulas, etc.) at NQF 4.

The entrance obligations for Certification Courses are:

  • Senior Certificate (Matric) or NQF Level 4 equivalent
  • Good health and meaningful level of fitness
  • Current fitness part strongly adviced
  • Current health club, gym or exercise studio fellowship inquired
  • Keen interest in a career in fitness and exercise

The entrance obligations for the Modular Courses are:

  • Senior Certificate (Matric) or NQF Level 4 equivalent
  • Group Fitness Instructor qualification or SAQA acknoledgable, equivalent (subject to RPL assessment)
  • Good health and meaningful level of fitness
  • Past trial and current fitness participation strongly adviced
  • A current health club, gym or studio membership inquired
Service provider: International College of Kinesis
Starting date of course: It is advised that students fill in before the end of February of each year. Nevertheless, electronic study function let the student begin the course anytime during the year.
Course material: The student admits all the class material in an ELECTRONIC format.