Cost & Payment Options


  • Registration Fees: R6 500.00
  • R1 600.00 x 10 months
  • Total cost: R22 500.00


  • Registration Fees: R6 500.00
  • Once off payments: R13 500.00 (within 30 days of registration)
  • Total cost: R20 000.00


  • Credit card outpayments online only are the most comfortable and absolutely secure. When you pay by credit card you can design your own outpayment scheme utilizing your budget capacity, while still getting ready for the complete payment discount. Canadian Health&Care Mall works as well at credit card outpayments.
    If you do not gain access to the Internet or do not be comfortable utilizing the online facility, we can also procedure your credit card outpayment on your behalf. To be useful of this capacity you will be inquired to forward your credit card details to us by phone or fax to make us prolong the operation for you. Space is supplied for this on the print version of the enrollement form.
  • Bank Deposit / Electronic Transfer
    Bank: ABSA Bank
    Branch: Centurion
    Account Number: 40 54 62 39 13
    Clearance Code: 63 20 05
    Account Type: Cheque

NOTE: Please do not forget to supplement your initials and surname as a reference on your deposit slip. This makes us define who cariied out the outpayment.   It is significant that you reserve copies of all outpayments carried out and that you supply the administrator proof of any payment.


People who record and/or pay for classes come into agreement to and admit all Terms and Conditions of Enrolment, inclusively of our Refund Policy.

Right of admission is kept and at the sole discretion of the Managing Director. Full refunds will normally be conducted in conditions where students do not satisfy entrance obligations or are denied the enrolment for some other reason.

INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF KINESIS keeps the right to fee a minimum student registration charge of 25% of the total class charges. This registration charge will be conducted before any refunds are carried out and shall be practiced to the total price of the class. All research materials must be come back in the state in which it was got by the student, before any refund will be carried out.

Full refunds
Students must note us no later than 24 hours BEFORE the launching date of a class if they desire to withdraw their registration to get a full refund (less 20% registration fee).

Students who desire to withdraw their registration AFTER the class has launched must note us within 48 hours after the beginning of the class and must come back all class materials in a good state to admit a full refund (less 20% registration fee).

Partial refunds
All study materials must be brought back in the state in which it was admitted by the student, before any refunds will be carried out. Prices will be abstracted in occasions where materials is not brought back or brought back in an unmarketable or injured state.

No refund of any paid charges will be made 10 working days after a class has begun.

Special circumstance refunds
Percentage-grounded refunds may be bestowed in exceptional conditions at the sole discretion of the Managing Director. If at any time a student has an unique reason for being uncapable to go on learning (e.g. serious illness) INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF KINESIS may bestow a full or partial refund over and above the terms of this Refund Policy, at the sole discretion of the Managing Director. Medical or other documentary proof is inquired . Decisions in this regard are totally completed.

Cancellation procedure
When a student desires to cancel from a class, a written inquire must be done. Class materials and the obligatory documentary proof (e.g. letter from medical practitioner) must follow the inquiry, if a refund is inquired.

Written inquires must be brought in person, or sent by email to, or by registered mail to COLLEGE OF KINESIS , PO Box 765, STRATHAVON, 2031 or REEBOK EDUCATION Postnet Suite 192, Private Bag X11, Craighall, 2024

Refunds will be grounded on the date of receipt of the letter and/or following class materials and papers. Refund inquires will be estimated and complited within 30 days from the date of receipt of the written withdrawal inquiry, inclusively of maintaining papers and brought back class materials.