Erectile Dysfunction at Young Age

Impotence is also called erectile dysfunction, and it is inability to achieve erection or inability to maintain it during the entire sexual intercourse. Note that this is not a one-time failure. You should be worried when such «misfires» happen regularly.

To determine at what age impotence is considered to be early, is difficult, because a man should maintain potency always, regardless of age. But this is an ideal option, which in practice, unfortunately, is rare.

It is believed that early erectile dysfunction should be considered when this problem began to worry a man at the age of 35 years. It is this period, as a rule, during which the most active sexual life appears.

Interestingly, with impotence at early age, morning erection may persist, and even masturbation is possible. But you can not lead full sexual life.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction ay Young Age

Early Erectile DysfnctionAll causes of onset of impotence are divided into two large groups, so the disease itself is of two types:

  • psychological impotence – associated with problems and disorders in the psyche;
  • organic impotence or physiological, which is the result of any disturbance in functioning of the body.

Most often, causes of impotence are precisely psychosomatic factors, which include stress, nervous tension, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue and the like.

However, erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of a very serious disease. Problems in cardiovascular system or in genital area, infectious diseases or diseases of thyroid gland, diabetes or brain tumor are the main causes.

If you have ever had spinal or hip injury, you can face impotence at early age and even infertility.

Impotence can be associated with your professional activities. So, hypothermia or overheating, abnormal working day or constant vibration will not benefit your male health.

Too active sex life and victories in bed are also not so useful. If you regularly surprise your partner with many hours of marathons and for long period delay moment of ejaculation, then soon you can become a victim of sexual impotence.

If you regularly use medications such as sedatives, antipsychotics, antidepressants, antiemetic or anticonvulsant drugs or tranquillizers, erectile dysfunction can be a side effect. But it is good that at the end of their admission you can again lead normal sexual life.

A mixed type of erectile dysfunction can happen if impotence is the result of non-serious organic disorder, and you are very upset about this, and may even become depressed.

Diagnostics and Treatment

Effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction depends on how frank you are with your attending physician, whom you need to tell about everything.

In most cases, doctors assign general examination to identify or eliminate causes of organic nature. Depending on the results of tests, treatment is prescribed.


Methods of prevention are always a reflection of causes of the disease. That is, it is enough to exclude from your life everything that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Potency is greatly influenced by your lifestyle, what you eat and what bad habits you have. Therefore, if you lead healthy and active lifestyle, then you are unlikely to encounter impotence at early age.

Do morning jogs or load the body with other moderate, but regular physical exercises, get enough sleep, take contrast shower, eat healthy food, take necessary vitamins and you’ll feel great, and your erection will stay on high level.

But if you abuse alcohol, smoking, drugs, unhealthy and fatty foods, lead sedentary lifestyle, then impotence at early age can be your problem.