Potency is the Basis of the Male Confidence

Men’s confidence – how is it formed? It forms from the factors such as money, physical strength, position in a society, a successful career. But no one would argue with the fact that a major determinant of men’s confidence is a success in the sexual life. In a simple word, if a man is on the level in sex, he becomes confident, and to some extent successful in all other spheres of life. Therefore, it is extremely important for a man to always be “on a horse.” But unfortunately, no everyone can protect himself from sexual disorders. Nothing lasts forever, and the potency too. Let’s learn more about potency together with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

What is potency?

couple3First of all, you should understand what potency is. Translated from the Latin (“potentia”) this word means “an ability to act”. In general sense, potency is commonly understood as the ability of men to conduct a qualitative sexual intercourse, sexual satisfaction of women and conception of a child.

Potency consists of several components:

  • sexual desire (or sexual energy);
  • normal erection;
  • qualitative completion of a sexual intercourse (ejaculation and duration of the erection recovery after intercourse).

If these figures are “on the level”, we can talk about the ideal potency. But not all men can boast the presence of all these three components. In a particular age men have different difficulties: if a 20 years old man feels hypersexual, we can not say for sure that he keeps an interest in the female sex by 35, and sex in general, and vice versa.

How to increase potency?

man50Many men are constantly concerned with the questions: how to increase the potency? What method is better? Are there any stimulants of potency? You will not find the unequivocal answer to these questions about the potency. There is a great number of factors affecting potency increase. Try to follow certain regulations.

  • An excellent stimulant of potency is stable sexual life of men. The sexual male organ should always be active. Regular sex improves potency and affects the quality and quantity of sperm;
  • Proper nutrition also plays a big role in potency maintaince. A man should receive a certain set of vitamins on a daily basis in order to increase the potency. Products that improve the potency should contain phosphorus (milk, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, brown rice, eggs, garlic, crab, beef, lamb, mushrooms, raisins.); zinc (zinc is recommended to take daily in the form of pills, the richest zinc product are fresh oysters, but they are quite rare and expensive, and tablets can be bought at any drugstore); Vitamin E (bread made from whole wheat and bran, cereals, nuts, soy beans.);
  • Alcohol may increase the potency as well as contribute to its reduction. All depends on the dose. The allowable rate per day is a glass of wine, a bottle of beer. The main thing is not to exceed the dosage;
  • The problem of overweight affects the increase of potency. It is necessary to monitor your kilograms and, if necessary, to start treatment;
  • The nervous strain and stress are not your allies in issues of potency. Men need to learn to overcome and deal with such ailments. Sports can help you in this greatly;
  • Healthy sleep is a guarantee oа good potency. The constant lack of sleep affects not only potency, but also general health condition. When a man wants to sleep, he can’t even think about sex.

If you fail to follow all these rules and potency problems continue to attack the brain of a man, you can refer to tablets. Perhaps it’s the easiest and safest way. Tablets are taken few hours before the sexual act and operate from 4 to 36 hours, depending on the medication type. You may choose Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Viagra Soft, Cialis Soft or other drugs in the online pharmacy Canadian Health&Care Mall. Spare you time and money!

Testosterone. What do we know about it?

testosteroneWhat plays the main role in potency maintaince? This is male hormone testosterone, which gives sexual energy to men. This hormone is formed in the testes and tends to mutation in the female sex hormone – estrogen. Disappearing, testosterone does not return to its original position and is mutated. Until now, it’s a mystery for physicians how this transformation takes place and how it can be avoided. But it is proved that a man can only dream of the normal potency without a sufficient number of male hormones.

American doctors have conducted experiments by measuring testosterone levels in different situations. It was found that the level of the primary male hormone is dependent on the psychological condition, food, sleep, temperature.

As for psychology, everything depends on external irritants – as soon as man sees, touches, smells a beautiful woman, his hormone level immediately raises (and not only the level!). For some reason, it’s considered that men loves with his eyes. Delicious smell and sensitive touch are also important for a man.

There are many foods that increase potency. Among them there foods that contain protein – tuna, shrimp, and other – herring, grapes, greens, pumpkin, cabbage, lettuce, spices. The food containing acid is harmful for a man – vinegar, beef, and estrogen – caffeine, soy products.

The man must have enough sleep to produce enough testosterone. The apogee of the male hormone level is reached in the morning. Morning erections are associated with this.

The ambient temperature should be appropriate (preferably 3.5 degrees lower than a body’s temperature) for sufficient birth of spermatozoids. Therefore, men should not wear tight clothes in which the body (mainly the lower part of it) feels hot and uncomfortable. No wonder that some people, who are known for their sexuality (eg, the Indians) do not wear panties. It is also harmful to sit in the heated seats, holding a laptop. Overheating is very harmful to the testicles.

Thus, jokes with hormones may adversely affect the ability of men to sexual satisfaction. So do not neglect our advice.

How does an erection happen?

erectile dysfunctionExperiencing erection, man really thinks about its nature? Of course, in such moments, a man doesn’t go into deep meditations he is tortured only by one thought – he requires discharge!

An erection is born thanks to the work of specific muscles. As a result, the penis is filling with blood. These muscles squeeze the receptacles, due to this the high pressure is produced in the penis. This pressure ensures erection. The strength of erection depends on pressure work of muscles. What conclusion can be made? – it is necessary to train the muscles!

If the muscles get tired, ejaculation occurs automatically, and the erection subsides. It is proved that if a man feels any negative feelings before having sex (anxiety, excitement, fear) muscles weaken, and ejaculation may occur earlier.

Potency is composed also of the ability to maintain an erection throughout the sexual act and the duration of the sexual intercourse. For many men duration of sexual intercourse makes 3-5 minutes, while the women need more time for satisfaction. Lack of male resources for a long-term act indicates that there are problems with potency.

As you can see, potency is a difficult thing. It is necessary to study the body’s needs, desires and capabilities. Good potency can provide man bright life, give a unique shade of sensuality, strength and confidence. Problems with potency, on the contrary, turn a man into a nervous creature unable to do anything. So,take it seriously – eat well, sleep properly, train your body, and it will answer you with pleasant gratitude!

If you have no time to be engaged in all these activities, you can just buy the pills from the catalog of Canadian Health&Care Mall. Be sure – they always help at the crucial moment, provide the conditions for a quality erection. That is the best way out even in the most delicate situation!