Atherosclerosis Treated by Canadian Health&Care Mall

AtherosclerosisAtherosclerosis is the most widespread chronic disease at which there is arterial involvement which is expressed in formation of the single or numerous centers, mainly lipidic cholesteric deposits (atherosclerotic plaques) in an internal cover of arteries. The subsequent growth in a blood vessel of connecting fabric in total with calcinosis (adjournment of calcium salts) of its wall, gradually leads to narrowing of size of vessels’ gleam, up to its full obstruction (obliteration). As a result of obstruction, there is a chronic, slowly increasing insufficiency in blood supply of body which food is carried out through this blood vessel.

Latest decade witnesses atherosclerosis takes the first place among the diseases causing death, disability and violation of working capacity. Atherosclerosis meets the greatest frequency at men at the age of 50-60 years and at women is more senior than 60 years. However the negative tendency to “rejuvenation” of a disease in recent years was outlined. It is promoted in no small measure by both an adverse ecological situation and irrational, unbalanced food. It is considered that the main reasons for developing of atherosclerosis are violations of lipidic exchange; the weakening of muscular activity caused by sedentary lifestyle and restriction of physical activity; arterial hypertension; alimentary obesity; diabetes; smoking. You may try to over atherosclerosis together with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Treatment of atherosclerosis provides application of two methods: treatment without different medicines (a non-drug method) and treatment by means of lipid-lowering therapy. Let’s enumerate the main principles of non-drug methods: change of food intake, excluding products containing saturated fatty acids (animal fats, butter, eggs) and alongside increasing consumption of the products containing fatty polynonsaturated acids (liquid vegetable oil, various seafood), cholesterol consumption reduction; the increase in physical activity with purposeful training of the struck bodies, but is obligatory taking into account age and physical capacities of the patient; – elimination of factors which can lead to development of cardiovascular diseases, namely: decrease in body weight to an optimum level; systematic treatment of arterial hypertension, diabetes; refusal of smoking and others. To give up smoking you may with the help of Canadian Health&Care Mall preparations.

At lipid-lowering therapy it should be conducted the stage-by-stage course of treatment. At first the patient is given the minimum doses of one preparation (monotherapy) and if on the expiration of 2-3 months the effect from its application is absent, gradually raise a preparation dose, up to the maximum. At monotherapy inefficiency the maximum dose of preparation, in 2 months pass to the combined therapy with lipid lowering drugs. If lipid lowering therapy gives a notable positive effect, at simultaneous lack of undesirable side effects, it, as a rule, continue to carry out within several years. According to some researches, the mechanism of atherosclerotic plaques formation in arteries can be caused by other factors. The essence of this mechanism consists in the following. An artery, as well as moving in its blood are characterized by existence of the negative charge of the same name thanks to which blood (its particle) makes a start from artery walls that in turn in many respects determines its good fluidity by an artery. At different emergence of intensive spasms of muscles of the certain sites of an artery which enough are often arising during the periods of stresses and the strong nervous shocks felt by the person of an artery wall.

So we may come to a conclusion that atherosclerosis is a dangerous disease which is difficult to be identified timely. For not to be involved into such troubles it is better to undergo medical screenings twice per year.