Welcome to International College of Kinesis. It is constituent of our affiar to greet you and to grant you some thought of the type of ICK socety and Health and Fitness Industry. We are at time of unexampled alteration in the world. It is a very breath-taking but challenging time. Information and technology alter often and the methods learners are studying is various to the habitual way of learning.

There is the traditional “coaching” mathod where you visit lectures, study and write and exam, with the ground of receiving a piece of paper testifying that you are “qualified” for a labour. Significantly, nevertheless, the most efficient way to work out people is quite various from the traditional approach of coaching. If you desire to have a job in Health and Fitness you may wish to perform a traditional class, but the alteration that you won’t satisfy it, is great and often these old-fashioned traditional approaches of coaching are not about yourself as a person ( more about numbers in the class), or working out YOUR skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Fitness Industry

If you desire to begin a career in Health and Fitness and become a specialist you may wish to think over a various studying experience from the traditional method. This is what we perform at ICK. We suggest a studying experience that makes YOU work out as a personal with your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) as the bringing focus on item of your affairs. Our studying method broadens the assortment of improvement way outside the conventional studying of facts. ICK is on the pulse and acts in a occupational way. ICK guesses how it is realized and can exhibit YOU HOW. All the transactions are supported by our main partner – Canadian Health&Care Mall.

We are future-oriented, always going forward, progressing and up-and-coming. Our forward alteration starts with our opportunity and professionalism which are the BASIS of passion and effect, so that we appear from just “first rate” to “appriciated” to “the best”. We will suggest you the capability to become more than Certified, WE WILL HELP YOU TO BECOME PROSPEROUS!

ICK is accredited by the tourism hospitality & Sport, Education & training in accordance with the ETQA Regulations 1127, Reg 13, as a constituent provider for the unit standard or skills programmes or qualifications as outlined in the attached schedule.
Company Registration Number: 2001/019971/07.
Accreditation Number : 613/P/00118/2008

Health and Fitness


ICK has a time-honored reputation for high grade in vocational technical training. Since our launch we have answered to the altering demands of students and our surrounding, appearing from a unassuming establishment to a highly prosperous REGISTERED coaching establishment performing in a competitive surrounding.


ICK looks for to alter people, companies, the society and the economy by supplying the education and coaching services our students demand to reach their AMBITIONS.


By 2015 ICK will be acknowledged as South Africa’s most adincing and influential supplier of education and coaching services.


We inspire to be aa advancing establishment and to be wedded to his work, consequential, occupational and able in the way we operate business.