COURSE TITLE: ICK Personal Fitness Trainer
Students get the following upon prosperous fulfilment of an assignment:

  • ICK Personal Fitness Trainer (Personal Trainer) Certificate
  • Students can apply for RPL assessment after 1 year of working in the fitness field to get their SAQA certificate.


  • Senior Certificate (Matric) or NQF Level 4 equivalent
  • Good health and reasonable level of fitness
  • Current fitness participation strongly recommended
  • Current health club or gym membership required
  • Keen interest in a career in fitness and exercise

This class will learn you in a grade of scientific spheres to prepaire you to take grounded decisions and scientific selections in your work as fitness leader and make you be ready for a prosperous career in fitness by broading your basic knowledge of the human body and the principles of innovative training science.
The class educates you how to create personalized, scientific training programmes, efficiently lead customers in the performance of these programmes and intecify customers to keep a healthy lifestyle moreover together with Canadian Health&Care Mall. The class makes you exercise scientific coaching approaches to assure that your customer will receive maximum of their outcomes while receive minimum of their injury risk. You will also educate how to sort potential customers for exercise preparedness, how to control fitness tests and how to utilize test outcomes for programme working out and objection-setting. Aside from educating how run group fitness courses customer, your will also be educated how to design, sell, and run a fitness business.

exercise readiness

Individual fitness coaching is a profession that takes qualified people to instruct, coach or train fitness visitors in a individual situation or in little groups. The Personal Trainer runs his customers in the fulfilment of secure and corresponding exercise, in an effort to reach the visitor’s personal fitness and health objections.This class makes you be prepared for a professional career in fitness and is especifically directed at students who desire to start a career as a Group Fitness Instructor coaching exercise-to-music courses and group fitness occupations in health clubs, gymnasiums, studios, holiday resorts, health spas or on cruise ships. The class is also perfect for students who desire to open a private group exercise studio or educate home-grounded exercise-to-music sessions to private customers. The class is also advised as foundation qualification for students engaged in a future career as exercise expert, fitness manager, group fitness co-ordinator, health club manager or lifestyle counsellor.

Full-time (weekdays from 10:00 to 14:00 )
Part-time (weekends – Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 14:00 )

Full-time – 6 months to 1 year
Part-time – 6 months to 1 year
Students are allowed a total of one year in which to meet the requirements, after which re-registration is required.

Movement Therapy Centre Johannesburg
Electronically (Distance learning)


·         Fitness Environment & Career Orientation
·         Principles of Fitness, Exercise
·         Programme Design
·         Wellness & Lifestyle Management
·         Functional Anatomy
·         Kinesiology & Biomechanics
·         Exercise Physiology
·         Exercise Injuries & Prevention
·         Principles of Nutrition
·         Exercise Psychology
·         Fitness Leadership & Communication Skills
·         Adult Basic CPR & Emergency Care
·         Personalised Programme Design
·         History of Fitness
·         Entrepreneurship & Business Skills
·         Health Screening & Fitness Testing
·         Cardio respiratory Conditioning
·         Resistance Training
·         Stretch & Flexibility Training
·         Body Conditioning
·         Stability Ball Training
·         Movement Therapy
·         Basic Sport-specific Programming
·         Plyometrics
·         Bodybuilding Programming
·         Functional Programming
·         Weight Management

Students are estimated as follows:

  • Submission of a Portfolio of Evidence
  • Practical Assessment for Personal Training
  • Assignments, Workbooks, Case Studies
  • Class Attendance Register – 100% attendance of all lectures and practical sessions required
  • Practical Hours Log Book: PT – minimum 90 hours of practical work at a reputable health club or gymnasium

All first estimations are added in the class charges. An additional administration charge of R350.00 is surcharged for each additional estimation.

health club manager

No additional costs. Class charges consist of all class materials.

Not included:        Fitness Music CD’s and DVD’s
Any Clothing

ICK Personal Fitness Trainer
Course Fee: R 17 500.00 (Fees are subject to change without notice)
Course Fees includes:
Student packages which consist of all monthly maintained electronically, the class on DVD for reference grounds worth R3500 all lectures and practical sessions.
A non-refundable deposit of R 4500.00 defined from balance, is defrayable by closing date of registration. The full charge to be carried out not later than one week before beginning of class unless otherwise managed. Other charge functions are accessible upon request. A 10% discount is on suggestion for once off charges of the total fee.
Kindly note fees are subject to change without notice.